Allegations and corrections

Correction of the Medical Expert Group of the American Society for Family Planning (1985):
(Prof. Dr. med. Sally Faith Dorfmann, Albert Einstein University; Prof. Dr. med. Hart Peterson, Neurologist, New York; Prof. Dr. med. William Rashbaum, Albert Einstein University; Prof. Dr. med. Seymour L., Seymour) Romney, Gynecologist, Albert Einstein University; Prof. Dr. med. Allan Rosenfield, Gynecologist, Columbia University; Prof. Herbert G. Vaughan, Neurologist, Albert Einstein University; Prof. Dr. med. Ming-Neng Yeh, Gynecologist, Columbia University) :

Original text “The Facts Speak Louder”


Claims in the movie: Correction:
The twelve-week-old fetus feels pain. At this stage of pregnancy, the brain and nervous system are still in a very early stage of development. The beginnings of the brain stem are formed with rudiments of thalamus and spinal cord. Most brain cells are not yet developed. Without a cerebral cortex, no pain impulses can be received or perceived.
The 12-week-old fetus performs purposeful movements. At this stage of pregnancy, all movements of the fetus are reflexive and not “purposeful”.
To remove the head, “crushing instruments” must be used on a 12-week-old fetus. After twelve weeks of pregnancy and even one to two weeks afterwards, only the suction cannula is necessary for a professional abortion.
Brain waves have been present for 6 weeks in the foetus shown. Although certain electrical impulses were already registered after 10 weeks of pregnancy, they cannot be described as brain waves or compared with them. Real brain waves do not occur before the seventh month.
The fetus model, which is displayed multiple times, is supposed to represent a 12-week fetus. The model shown is considerably larger than a fetus after 12 weeks of pregnancy. It corresponds to a fetus after an 18-week pregnancy.
Many women who have had an abortion suffer from severe psychological damage. Serious psychological problems following an abortion are rare, less common than after a birth.
In the film dead foetuses are shown in waste bins as “results” of abortions. Most of the foetuses shown are so large and in such bad condition that they must be stillbirths and not aborted foetuses. Abortion at this stage (after 22 weeks of pregnancy) is less than 1%. They are then mainly carried out because of severe, late malformations of the fetus