Here you find more information on the topic:

Very informative website for women with an unwanted pregnancy who may need the Gynmed Clinic for abortion and family planning in Vienna and Salzburg (Austria),

Extensive collection of films on abortion and unwanted pregnancy from many differt countries. Most films can be watched in full length:

“The Long Arm of the Empress” is a documentary on the history of abortion in Austria (German only):

Numerous myths and misconceptions surround the topic of abortion. This site debunks and corrects them, using evidence-based facts:

The most comprehensive german website about abortion for women with an unwanted pregnancy, those who are interested, and for professionals: (german)

Extensive knowledge about the past and present of this important aspect of life. The Museum of Contraception and Abortion in Vienna, Austria
features exhibits from around the world:

Swiss association for the legalisation of abortion of the pregnancy: (german, french, italian)